Physical Therapy Techniques for Health and Wellness

Physical therapy techniques are diverse which would include modalities (constant attendance or unattended), workouts and exercises, use of assisting devices and manual therapy. In most of these physical therapy techniques, a lifestyle change is pivotal towards attaining physical wellness.

One decision that needs to be made when it comes to choosing physical therapy techniques best suited to the physical condition of patients is whether to reduce pain or improve mobility and function. The ultimate goal is to improve the physical status of patients.

At the core of the treatment and care plan is to use physical therapy techniques to restore the bodily function of the patient before the injury or illness or at the very least, to increase range of motion. Exercises are physical therapy techniques employed to restore strength, improve coordination and balance. It has been established that keeping injured muscle to rest is not a good idea. Recovery is faster by working out the affected muscles. Failure to do so can lead to atrophy and permanent weakness.

External stimulations such as application of heat and cold, ultrasound, electricity, traction, water, massage and UV light are physical therapy techniques that  supplement exercises and work outs. These are applied to a specific area to reduce swelling and for pain management.

For these physical therapy techniques to be effective, they must be done right. To illustrate, it is not enough to perform the prescribed exercises but to do enough sets or repetitions of the exercises whether at home or during visits to the physical therapists.

Physical therapy techniques can be effective in helping stroke victims whose movements are restricted as a consequence of the stroke. Paralysis might even occur and physical therapy is a viable rehabilitation option for these patients. In this case, physical therapy techniques would focus in improving the motor skills and rehabilitation of the patients.

The use of physical therapy techniques also depend on the specialization of the clinician. Orthopedics, pediatrics and sports physical therapy are a few of these specializations. Physical therapists undergo special training to be competent in recognizing symptoms and customizing treatment and care plans using the physical therapy techniques at hand.

To reiterate, the ultimate goal of employing these physical therapy techniques is to improve the health condition of patients and to regain physical normalcy. Physical therapy can also be part of a multi-discipline in cooperation with physicians, nurses and chiropractors. Physical therapy techniques have been around and will continue to be here to help physical therapy patients towards the road to recovery and well-being.

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