Physical Therapy Techniques of Treatment

Physical therapy techniques are utilized with the purpose to help the mechanics of a patient’s movement to recover. A broad assortment of ailments can be treated with physical therapy techniques. These ailments include but are not limited to: arthritis; tears in ligaments or tendons; or surgical recovery. The purpose of physical therapy techniques generally is to improve the movement of one joint or many joints in the body. The eventual goal is to return the joint to the best possible condition possible. Physical therapy is often used in conjunction with other medical measures for the best results for the patient.

When different parts of the body are injured, different physical therapy techniques are utilized to relieve these injuries or ailments. Each method is different and affects the body differently depending on the patient’s body mechanics and their general health. A professional skilled in physical therapy techniques will identify when a particular method is effective for a patient or if the method needs to be changed. On occasions, physical therapy techniques are required to be used in a fashion which opens up one area of the body before another more useful technique can be used. Different physical therapy techniques will garner a different outcome with different patients.

One of the most familiar physical therapy techniques is massage. Massage typically uses the hands of the therapist to rub the joints or muscles in order to increase blood flow to the injured area. Bringing blood to the vicinity encourages the body to heal itself essentially by bringing nutrients to the area to restore the joints or muscles that may be injured. Furthermore, massage works to relax muscles through the manipulation and separation of the bands that compose the muscles. The loosening makes the muscles more flexible and more able to contract. Massage physical therapy techniques help the patient with the manipulation of the muscles and tendons.

Massage physical therapy techniques can also improve the patient’s sense of self through relaxation. The release of stress and tension in muscles increases the range of motion in joints. Massage physical therapy techniques are easy to perform, but to do them at medical correctness requires years of schooling and practice to be done effectively. The relief of pain in the joints and muscles helps to lower the stress levels of the physical therapy patients. Arthritis and pain associated with surgery can be particularly stressful. Massage can aid the repairing factor of surgery.

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